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    Hello from Los Angeles

    You should head over kanan dune road which will take you over the hills to Malibu. Either stopping along Kanan or going to one of the malibu beach’s would be a great place to fly. I don’t know where/if there are restrictions.
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    I won

    I do. It's great, but a little cumbersome to attach the iPhone and calibrate each time. Also a little large and need to bring with it's own case when also carrying camera equipment on vacation.
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    Hello from Los Angeles

    Ive been a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom pilot, and have a DJI Osmo mobile. The Osmo mobile is great, but found it cumbersome to attach the phone each time I wanted to use it, and calibrating it. So far haven't used the Pocket much but looking forward to learning more about it.