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Recent content by Fozzy

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    Are you happy with your Osmo Pocket?

    I love the little Osmo, it's the perfect mini camera for every family situation. Once a few accessories are added it replaces gear with 4x the price tag
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    DJI Mimo app cannot find Osmo Action

    Just installed the new firmware on mine it's much quicker to connect than previously
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    DJI Mimo app cannot find Osmo Action

    I always connect wireless tbh seems more stable
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    Skyreat filters, initial thoughts

    Just posted a mini review if anyone's looking to try ND filters on the Action. https://mavicpilots.com/threads/skyreat-osmo-action-filter-set-initial-thoughts.67226/ Skyreat Osmo Action filter set, initial thoughts.
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    What are people's expectations from the next firmware update?

    I for one am looking forward to the external mic port enabling and in an ideal world the addition of h265 codec for better compression (if possible with the hardware) what's on everyone's firmware wishlist???
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    A must watch

    Most indepth comparison ever.
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    Osmo Pocket or Osmo Action?

    For me if I have a little more time to think about the shot the I want then the Pocket is the one to go for, it's amazing. For everything else the Action is perfect!
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    Afternoon all

    Jumped in rom Mavic Pilots, cant wait to get started :)