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Larger smartphones


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Apr 22, 2020
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I posted this on the PhantomPilots forum but this looks like a better place for it.

I have a 5.5 year old Samsung Note 4 that is getting a bit dated and am looking at replacing it with, perhaps, the Samsung S20+, but as I understand it the Mobile 3 is not compatible with the S20 line. There are two possibilities that might prevent the Mobile 3 from working with the S20 line: either the weight (mass) is too high or the length is to long -- the width falls within the specs so that can't be it. When was the Mobile 3 released and is there any word on a Mobile 4 that might be compatible with the larger phones? If the weight is the problem I wonder if a firmware update might be enough to fix the problem (different PID's or similar control parameters). The functionality of the Mobile 3 is appealing and having a smartphone that can shoot good 4K60 video with zoom capabilities is quite useful so I hope that either the 3 can be updated/modified to work with the larger phone or a new model 4 that can is nearing release.

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Brian,I've just joined this forum and I'm curious to know where you went with this in the end because I have a Galaxy Note 8 and I'm thinking of buying the OM5 but incompatibility worries me.

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