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(Netherlands '24 Part 2) Hattem - 4K


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Oct 4, 2019
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"Part 2 of 6"

Hattem is a picturesque Hanseatic town in the province of Gelderland, located on the northern bank of the IJssel River.
This charming town, with its historic core and medieval city walls, exudes an atmosphere of bygone times.
The heart of Hattem is formed by the Grote Kerk, whose tower can be seen from afar.
The streets are adorned with beautiful facades and old buildings, including the imposing Voerman Museum, which showcases the region's history and art.
Strolling through Hattem, you will come across cozy terraces, artisanal shops, and charming squares. The Dijkpoort, a well-preserved city gate from the 14th century, is one of the notable landmarks.
The natural surroundings of Hattem are equally attractive.
The town is situated on the edge of the Veluwe, a vast nature reserve with extensive forests, heathlands, and sand drifts.
The nearby floodplains of the IJssel are a paradise for walkers and cyclists, offering breathtaking views and rich biodiversity.
The picturesque Hanseatic town combines rich history with beautiful nature, making it a beloved destination.
The combination of culture, history, and nature ensures that Hattem holds a unique place in the Dutch landscape.

Everything is shot with Dji Mini 3 Pro, Dji Mini 2, Dji Osmo Action 4 and Dji Osmo Pocket 3


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