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Recent content by The Fat Contoller

  1. The Fat Contoller

    Are you happy with your Osmo Pocket?

    Yes, I was after the San Disk but they were out of stock. The Kingston was more expensive which I hope=better quality. I'm in UK and use 7DayShop which is based in Jersey and (most of the time) offers better prices than Amazon.
  2. The Fat Contoller

    Are you happy with your Osmo Pocket?

    I'd done some video last week and went to load it into the computer. It appeared to be going well but all of a sudden there was a bit of a screen flicker on my PC then everything just vanished. The footage was lost and the card was corrupted and unreadable (PNY brand, a cheapie). I've bought a...
  3. The Fat Contoller

    A walk in the park

    Thank you. If you like that sort of video you might enjoy Scottish Water and the two Barrow Way videos also on my YouTube channel.
  4. The Fat Contoller

    Hi from Hamburg, Germany

    Welcome to the forum. It can be quiet in here but there are some good videos to see. I look forward to seeing yours :)
  5. The Fat Contoller

    More Barrow Way

    This time it's the section between Graiguenamanagh and St Mullins. The trip is around 4 miles each way but there is a café in St Mullins where you can stop for a rest before returning.
  6. The Fat Contoller

    A walk in the park

    A walk down by the River Nore and Kilkenny Castle Park
  7. The Fat Contoller

    Back home again.

    I'm back home again from Donegal so I just took the opportunity to shoot some local scenery.
  8. The Fat Contoller

    L 'Ardoise (Belgium)

    You're fortunate to have such good weather. Here in Northern Ireland it's usually too wet or too windy :(
  9. The Fat Contoller

    Le Mont-Dauphin (France)

    More great scenery from France. I'm enjoying these very much, keep posting please :)
  10. The Fat Contoller

    Pays Beaunois (France)

    Very good, thanks for posting.
  11. The Fat Contoller

    New firmware?

    I had the same problem as you, the firmware had downloaded to my phone but refused to install to the Osmo Action. The other issue was that DJI hadn't posted the update to the Action support page. Thanks to a gent called Charvel on the DJI forum I was able to get the firmware updated. Use a lead...
  12. The Fat Contoller

    Hike: Snow Lake, WA Cascades at Snoqualmie Pass - Osmo Action

    There's lots of nice scenery here too but my local mountains (The Mournes) aren't nearly as impressive as what you have. Still plenty of scope for good footage, nevertheless, I've got coast, countryside and rivers so I can't grumble :)
  13. The Fat Contoller

    Hike: Snow Lake, WA Cascades at Snoqualmie Pass - Osmo Action

    Great scenery, wish we had similar here. Filters are useful and I use them for still photography when I can the take time to set up a shot. I don't use them with my Osmo Action or Pocket because for me they're both quick 'grab the moment ' cameras and I couldn't be bothered (i.e. too lazy) to...
  14. The Fat Contoller

    Final day of Donegal trip

    A visit to Glenveagh National Park near Letterkenny.