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Recent content by The Fat Contoller

  1. The Fat Contoller

    Ben Nevis - The tallest mountain in the UK

    I'd hoped to get over to Scotland again very soon and Ben Nevis was on the 'to-do' list. Currently it's on hold due to the coronavirus, but it's nice to see what I'm missing. Thanks for posting.
  2. The Fat Contoller

    Loch An Eilean, Aviemore

  3. The Fat Contoller

    Storm Dennis

    I didn't manage to get the Mavic in the air, but I got some good footage with the Osmo Pocket. Just got back late last night from Scotland (five days with friends & wives travelling by car) and I'm back over again on Monday by plane (lad's hiking break). I'll get more stuff then and edit/post...
  4. The Fat Contoller

    Storm Dennis

    On Sunday I'm heading off to the Highlands of Scotland for a few days. Snow has been forecast so I might get some nice shots. Then again, with my luck it's more likely to be grey and rainy.
  5. The Fat Contoller

    Storm Dennis

    It was much more impressive in reality than what the Osmo footage puts across. The waves came across really well, but I think an external microphone would have been needed to fully convey the sound of the wind. Having said that it's still so much easier to carry an Osmo Pocket with you than a...
  6. The Fat Contoller

    Storm Dennis

    No music, minimal editing, just Osmo Pocket footage.
  7. The Fat Contoller

    Meall a'Bhuachaille. Scottish for the "Hill of the Herdsmen".

    Very nice. That's the same music as my Dunseverick/Giant's Causeway video 👍
  8. The Fat Contoller

    Ben Macdui, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

    I'll check that out, thanks. If weather permits I'm hoping to get some shots with my Mavic Pro when I'm there.
  9. The Fat Contoller

    Ben Macdui, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

    I hope to get some more footage when I'm over. Haven't really had the chance over the winter so I'm looking forward to the longer days.
  10. The Fat Contoller

    Thoughts on DJI Osmo pocket?

    Always have it charged and ready to go, and stick it in your pocket every time you go out, that way it'll be there when you need it.
  11. The Fat Contoller

    Ben Macdui, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

    Excellent. That's fairly close to Blair Atholl where I'll be spending a few days at the end of February. Some of the friends we're going with aren't hikers so I was planning to take them to Loch an Eilein near Aviemore, that's a stones throw from Ben Macdui and an easy walk. And yes, there is...
  12. The Fat Contoller

    Best wishes for 2020

    Part of the problem is that there is an Osmo section on the main MavicPilots site and I suppose not everyone wants to sign up to two similar forums. I tend to check both because you never know when a useful snippet of information is going to turn up on one or t'other.
  13. The Fat Contoller

    Best wishes for 2020

    :) Happy New Year ikkel. Hopefully we'll get a few more posters in 2020, it's very quiet in here
  14. The Fat Contoller

    Borris Viaduct

    We had to climb over and through some very big trees the last time we were there so we decided to do a re-creation :) .
  15. The Fat Contoller

    Hook Head

    Hook Head in Co. Wexford, Ireland, is the site of the world's oldest still-in-use lighthouse.