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A walk in the park - Radloff park


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Aug 21, 2021
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If you are in Somerset West and are looking to stretch your legs, or walk your dog for that matter, but don’t necessarily want to pay the entrance fee to the nearby Helderberg Nature Reserve, then the fantastic Radloff Park complex that stretches along the Lourens River is a brilliant choice.

A large number of sports disciplines call Radloff Park home, including the local cricket club, squash club and even baseball club.
Consequently, there are a lot of different types of sport fields lying to the front of Radloff Park, the likes of which even include a skateboard park of all things!
Once you pass through all the sports fields however, then the real gem of Radloff Park reveals itself – the so-called river walk which is a walking path that takes you all along the Lourens River. The route is shaded by a multitude of established trees, and there are plenty of park benches scattered about for you to sit and relax on while taking in the tranquil surrounds.
The river is of course a super fun activity for the smaller kids to splash about in and get wet, while the walk itself has become super popular with dog walkers in the area – so no wonder Radloff Park is often referred to as the local dog park!

Hope you enjoy.

See more of my video clips on my YT channel at:

Unsubscribe. Low Resolution, low interest, worse than amateurish.
Thank you for your valued comment. I agree - this was my second attempt at using the pocket2 so I stand to learn a lot frpm people like you :geek:
Okay, harsh words. I stand by the presentation being low resolution. Mea Culpa. Apologize for calling it amateurish. Here are some basic principles for any presentation:
  • Define the purpose of the video
  • Identify the target audience
  • Use clips that evoke an emotional response in the viewer
  • Use clips that educate yourself and the viewer to something not seen before
  • Use the KISS principle, Keep It Short and Simple.
  • As relates to KISS, learn to edit and critique your own work. By this I mean, ask yourself, if you were viewing this as created by someone else, would it hold your interest.
No need to appologise, I'm old enough to take it.
Indeed I am an amateur and all the movie clips I make are purely for the enjoyment and hobby.
I do it for myself, family and friends and anyone who would like to watch the clip which depicts scenes which they may not have been in a position to see.
I value any comments - good or bad - and try to learn from them - like getting the exposure right (which is something I am struggling with) etc.
I am not using state of the art equipment (old windows 7 32bit computer) so I expect that my clips will be somewhat flawed in places but it gives me pleasure to create and I learn something new all the while. A year ago I knew nothing of "post" and now I can atleast put something together that I can show.
Hell, 40 years ago I didn't even know pocket calculators existed never mind computers .

Again, thanks for your valuable input, I have made a note of the points you raised ansd will try to put them to use.
I need more people like you to learn from.

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