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Accessories for Mobile 2


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Aug 15, 2019
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Looking at a couple of accessories for my Mobile 2 and want to know if anyone here has tried them and what they thought.

1) Anti-swing clip Looks like it would be handy to keep the gimbal from swinging around.

2) Bag that fits the foam case the gimbal came in. My thinking is why buy a separate case that does the same thing.

3) Bicycle clamp to hold gimbal via the tripod mount. Have looked online and most reviews say the clamps don’t hold gimbal securely and move with bike vibrations and others say there is too much jello. Is it even plausible to consider this?

Thanks for any input anyone may have.

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An easy accessory every one should get is a better case for the osmo mobile 2.
1) Swinging around ..... why? ...... when? ....... keep it in a proper case (see link below) available on Amazon.
2) I bouught a good case on Amazon, perfect quality, Hard EVA Travel Black Case for DJI OSMO Mobile 2,Fits: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo
3) Forget it, too heavy. Use a GP or OA.

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Thanks for your reply. Currently I use the provided foam case and it does a good job protecting the gimbal. It fits perfectly and probably would protect it if I were to drop it. It would be nice if someone made a sleeve with a handle to fit the foam case rather than having to buy a another case with the custom foam already in it.

As to the clip, the gimbal swings around when it’s out of the case. I was thinking the clip might work if I just want to carry the gimbal around without the case or in a backpack. It would keep it held firm and more secure.

The bicycle clip would be handy if someone could figure out how to secure it better. I have tried my GP clone on my bike without using the Osmo and the resulting video is unusable.

One accessory I have that I use all the time is the adapter for my GP clone. It works petfectly and provides a wider FOV than my phone. I just install it backwards or hold the gimbal handle horizontal to avoid getting the motor in the shot.

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