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Action 3


Dec 18, 2019
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This forum seems very quiet and hasn't noticed the latest release.
I did buy one about three weeks ago and like any new camera it has taken a while with some trial and error to get the best from it.
Mine doesn't seem to be worryingly soft though like original Osmo Action the cinelike output can benefit from some sharpening with some scenes.

The things I really like:
- magnetic mount this is so much easier than screws that sometime won't start or lock fully (are there actually a few different designs not 100% compatible!)
Easy clip and unclip is especially handy using as a dashcam.

- battery life much better probably about 50% increase?
I can record about 2.5 hours at 2.7K

- Very fast start up if you want, from direct press of record less than 5 seconds it is on

- faster charging, on PD charger that larger battery takes about 30 minutes and my charger is not fastest you can get

- the cinelike profile, it is only moderatey flat and widely available cinelike LUTs are Ok with it and only need mild increasein contrast and saturation anyway.

- more rational external mic interface with no adapter needed for mic with USB plug - or get an inexpensive USB-C to 3.5mm cable
The onboard audio has improved too if it isn't windy often no need for external mic.

Don't like:
- can seem too aggressive adjusting auto exposure up and down can cause over exposed or silhouette images - even in cinelike this seems like dynamic range shortcoming.

- Tendency to give odd cyan colour to sky and/or magenta cast in dark areas.

- in low light it soon goes too soft and/or grainy.

- can be almost too wide even in linear profile which crops in as it is accentuating any softness or lack of resolution
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