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Autumn's last stand

Last one of the Autumn, winter is coming now

Nice video. I like your editing. That's one thing I have not really dealt with - video editing. Until recently I've only compiled videos of digital still images with zooms and pans with the occasional short video I shot with my camera interspersed. So trying to pick short clips from my drone or Osmo Action is not something I've tackled. I just throw up a 30 or 60 minutes video - no real editing.

Hope you will post some nice views of winter in your area.
Thank you

when I have the occasion to shoot nice shots then I will certainly make winterfilms. Sadly to say, the chance of snow is litlle here. Dark and cold period with lots of rain :-/
And editing is just making time to practice, again and again. Some fantasy of making shots, chosing music and don't be afraid of thinking out of the box.
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