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Crest and his tower (France)


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Oct 4, 2019
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The tower of Crest stands like a guardian on the flanks of the Vercors a mountainregion in France.
It's the remain of a medieval castle and on it's feet lays the medieval town.
He guards al foes that wants to invade the Alps.

Most of the shots are taken with the osmo pocket and only two with the mavic pro one.


Very nice. I like the editing.
Editing is also a learning curve.
And when I see my latest creations with the beginning (started with filming and editing in june 2018) then there is a very big difference between them.
And I'm still learning.
It's a very nice thing to do and the pocket and the drone are a dreamteam to use because they are good and don't take much space whem I'm away on my motorcycle or rv.
So I see many interesting things to film.
From june 2018 untill now I made 88 movies and I see the progress enormous.
It's only from december last year I started with the pocket and now after the learningcurve of using the pocket I'm still surprised of wath that tiny camera can do.
Yes it's got his pro's and con's but it's also the fantasy of the user to take good shots with.
And most of all it doesn't cost a kidney compared to the stuff from the pro moviemakers.
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