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DJI OM5 Review


Jan 18, 2021
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Got my OM5 yesterday and I can tell you that it's an amazing gimbal. I don't have the ring light yet but I've already tested out most of the features. The extension rod is pretty solid and it doesn't affect the stabilization even when fully extended. You can reach up to 40 cm extension if you're using the tripod along with the gimbal.

There's not much of a difference in terms of payload as I'm using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the OM5 handles it like a dream. The ShotGuide feature is nothing to write home about especially if you already know how to shoot and edit your videos. The battery life has also been significantly reduced, but I feel that the 6.5 hour battery life is more than adequate to fill your shooting needs.

However, it's the new redesign that's amazing about the OM5. Th OM4 is sleek, but the OM5 is lighter and has a smaller footprint. It's no Pocket 2 but you can now easily fit the OM5 in a small bag or even your jacket pocket. This makes it perfect for the vlogger on the go.

So, is the OM5 a worthy upgrade over the OM4? It might not be of everybody but if size or weight (or lack thereof) matters then this is a pretty good buy. The extension rod is also a big plus for you to be able to get some unique angled shots that the OM4 cannot do without some added accessories.

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