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FAA RPIC/Part 107 . . . they don't "Expire"


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May 24, 2019
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Western North Carolina
This topic is possibly the one I get the most comments and Private Messages about so I thought I'd do a Write-Up so others can read and hopefully get a better (more accurate) understanding of this topic that causes so much confusion.

FAA RPIC/Part 107 . . . they don't "Expire"
Your RPIC/Part 107 (and Pilots License for that matter) don't expire. You merely go out of "Currency". This applies to Part 107 as well as other "FAA Credentials" but for the most part I'm focused on Part 107 and PPL.

"Currency" merely means you have met the criteria set forth by the agency to be able to exercise the privileges of the credential. Many things can lead to loss of currency such as:
  • Medical Condition
  • Required Test/Training
  • Age
  • Calendar Months

Your RPIC/Part 107 is good (if all over things remain constant) until the END of the MONTH 24 months after you become Current. It's the END of the MONTH that so many people don't understand so let's dig into that one.

In regards to RPIC/Part 107 (not Part 61) you become Current by taking/passing the initial test at a testing facility. The day you pass the test is when you become "Current". Let's assume you take and pass your initial test TODAY, March 1st, 2021. So you are good to exercise Part 107 privileges until the END of the Month 24 months after March 1st, 2021. This means you are good to fly (assuming all other things remain constant) until Mart 31st, 2023. On April 1sr, 2023 you fall our of Currency and are not allowed to utilize your Part 107 until you again "become Current".

If you took and passed your initial test or did whatever was required to become Current on Feb 14th, 2019, you were good to fly up until Feb 28th, 2021 (yesterday). As of MIDNIGHT last night your Currency lapsed and you'll have to do whatever is currently required to Become Current before you can fly under Part 107 again. Your Part 107 didn't expire, you're just no longer CURRENT.

* It's important to note that even though your RPIC doesn't expire, it can be REVOKED by the FAA.

Hopefully this will help shed some light on this "Grey Area" which seems to confuse so many.

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