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Fimi Palm 2 disappointing


Jan 18, 2021
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Just yesterday I was able to try out the Fimi Palm 2 and I can truly say that I do not regret not waiting for it to get released.

Almost every aspect of this pocket camera was inferior to the DJI Pocket 2 which I got maybe a week after it was officially released. Smaller sensor, less resolution, laughable zoom, and inferior audio pickup. Even the stabilization is not that on-point compared to the Pocket 2.

The Fimi Palm 2 also has a smaller screen. I find it difficult a times to even use the Pocket 2's screen so imagine my frustration with the Fimi Palm 2. Add to that the fact that the Palm 2's screen isn't as responsive as I would like so setting up your shot can be a really difficult task.

The only positive things that I can say about the Fimi Palm 2 is the price and the battery life. Battery life in the Palm 2 is insane, but with the inconveniences that I've experienced, I wouldn't see myself using this as often to warrant such as powerful battery.

For its price, the Fimi Palm 2 is definitely a good deal, but to be frank there is nothing that the Fimi Palm 2 can do that a midrange to flagship phone cannot accomplish. You're better off saving those $200 to upgrade your phone or spend a little extra on the Pocket 2. The latter is simply a much better investment if you want more value for your money.

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