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(France '23 Part 2) L'eau, c'est la vie - 4K


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Oct 4, 2019
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Where there is water, there is life :

Along rippling shores extends a life-giving artery, where the essence of water reveals itself as a precious treasure. In the dance of sunlight and waves, both humans and animals find an endless source of life and renewal.
Along the riversides, life flourishes in lavish abundance. Flora and fauna unite in delicate harmony, where each species finds its place in this green wonderland.
The banks of rivers are cradles for settlements, where humans weave themselves into the fabric of nature. Here, communities find their source of sustenance and fertility.
In the calm reflection of the water, the history of humanity is mirrored. Along the banks, cities have risen, civilizations have flourished, and cultures have converged.
People yearn for the proximity of rivers, for where there is water, there is life. The shores of these waterways are like magnets for the soul, calling with an irresistible force.
May we always dwell by their banks, and may we never forget that water is not just a source of life but a lifeline that connects us all in this beautiful symphony of nature.

Everything is shot with Dji Mini 3 Pro, Dji Mini 2 and Dji Osmo Pocket


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