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I Love the Osmo Pocket!!

Aug 13, 2020
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I'm always surprised what great shots i can get with the Osmo Pocket, especially closer macro ones. The Bokeh-effect ist beautiful. Some examples (stills from video):
All the "Ground" shots in my last video for example are done with the Osmo Pocket:
Nice stills and beautiful scenery. It has been 31years ago that I have been in zwitserland, nice country, but unfortunaly very expensive over there
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I had purchased an Osmo Pocket in anticipation of visiting Switzerland for 3-weeks this past spring 2020, but alas I have had to cancel my trip plans due to COVID concerns and travel restrictions. Hoping I can go there (1st visit) in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022. Otherwise I really have not had a chance to use my OP yet, but I never realized it could take such nice photos (I bought it mostly for videos, as I use a DSLR for photos). Hpweer, with the DSLr, I don't always carry it with me due to bulk and size. Noce to know OP is good at stills as well.

Incidentally, I LOVE the way you started the Switzerland video. The blurred background and title effect were great! I am just learning Davinci Resolve 16 and will see if I can emulate that effect. Do you use Davinci? If so, is there any way for you to share the Fusion Composition that you used for this effect? I know you can export the SETTINGS file, but not sure if you can post it here. If not, but you are willing to share, perhaps I could send you my email address and you could email it to me?
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