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Just got the Om4. Question about how you guys are attaching your phone.


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May 27, 2019
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Rochester, MN
So I have started using the OM 4 and can't decide which connector to use. Everyday I use a case and a popsocket. To use the OM 4 I have to remove the case and then attach the clamp. If I attach the sticker magnet to my phone case then I don't have room for the popsocket, and it's not recommended. If I attach the sticker magnet to the phone itself, then I can't put a case on OR use the popsocket. Is there anyone here who bought the OM 4? How are you using it.
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While the clamping magnet mount works well with some cases, it definitely doesn't work with all. I ended up putting the clamp version on an older iPhone 6s Plus and the stick-on magnet on a hard case (Speck Presidio Pro) for my iPhone 11 where the case was a bit too thick to use with the clamp-on. DJI does not recommend using the stick-on magnet with a case, claiming that the additional weight might be a problem, but I found that it works great. I probably wouldn't trust it with a soft-coated type case though.

It's easier to just use a sacrificial case for the stick-on magnet mount, as I do. When not using that on the OM4, you can swap it out for a normal case for everyday phone use and wireless charging. Actually easier than removing and installing the clamp type mount.

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