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Mini Control Stick


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Jan 16, 2020
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San Antonio, TX
I have a Pocket 1 rather than the Pocket 2, but thought I would post here since it will likely get more responses. I had previously purchased the Control Wheel accessory for the Pocket 1 but found that I did not use it as it was a bit big, and you had to select a switch between panning left/right vs up/down. When I read that the new Mini Control Stick was backward compatible with the Pocket 1, I waited for it to get in stock and ordered it. One disappointment was that while the mini control stick allows you to zoom in/out on a Pocket 2, only the panning function is supported on the Pocket 1.

Now that I have tried it, I wonder how many people actually use this for the panning function. It seems to me that it really does not offer any benefit versus slowing panning up/down or left/right with the whole camera, in Follow Mode. I find I am better able to control the speed of the pan by moving the camera, rather than trying to use the control stick.

What do you folks think? Do you use the panning function of the Mini Control Stick, or do you just move the camera slowly and let the gimbal smoothly follow the action in Follow mode?

PS: I understand that with a Pocket 2, you can also control the sensitivity of the panning with the control wheel. But that setting is not supported with the Pocket 1.
I don't use the button for panning, but I do use it a lot to get the gimbal in place before taking a shot.
Viva Terlingua Thanks for the reply. You find using the button to align the lens easier and quicker than just moving the camera body? Or is it because you have it mounted on something (tripod, dashboard, etc) in which case I guess that this is a good use of the button.
It seems after you make a few movements that the lens isn't necessarily aligned with the body anymore. I guess hitting the re-center button would address that. Also, sometimes I want the lens at a different angle, ie. flashlight mode among others. So the button works for that.

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