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Amusing Muses in my pocket2


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Aug 21, 2021
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For your amusement

The nine Golden Muses, affectionately known as the Golden Girls.

Stop in front of the Muses while I tell you about them.

They are by the artist Sir Bernard Sindall. It was said that his sculpture subjects seemed "full of life and are usually overweight, mischievious... and imperfect."

The term "Muses" refers to the nine daughters of the Greek god Zeus. Each Muse presides over a different art or science, and each has her own emblem.

The Muses controversially graced the glazed canopy over the entrance of the Barbican in London. But they were removed in 1997 by the Barbican's then new Managing Director. His office overlooked the Muse's backsides and he was thought to be so enraged at having to look at them every day that he ordered them removed! They were eventually acquired by Spier Wine Farm in 1998.

The Eerste river, which runs through Spier is a tributary of the Berg river. It empties into the sea near Strand.
It was named by the early dutch colonists as being the first river they encountered while exploring the area.


Hope you enjoy.

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