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Considering Osmo Mobile 3 ~ iPhone 8 User


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May 24, 2019
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Western North Carolina
I really REALLY like the idea of a nice smooth Gimbal to utilize our iPhone cameras for some of the less complicated shots. I do have some questions and excuse the low level of them... I've never operated a "Cell Phone Gimbal" before....

What functions are actually available on the handle unit itself? Anything missing?

I have my iPhone in a "Jelly Case" (very thin etc). Will I need to remove it from the case to use it on this unit?

How difficult is it to Pair up to a phone? We'll be switching between iPhone pretty regularly and don't want to have to go through a lengthy process each time.

What do you NOT like about this unit?

Thank you ALL in advance!

Hi Big Al, I am a member of the Mavic Forum and currently have a Mavic 2 Pro, a DJI Osmo Action and recently purchased the DJI OSMO Mobile 3. I originally tried the iSteady Pro 2 to use with my Osmo Action but although it seemed nice, it often just acted strange. Plus calibrating it difficult enough that I feel I would have only used it if I was doing a lot of video in one shot. I ended up returning it and buying the Mobile 3. I absolutely love it. There are too many features to describe here, but check out the YouTube video from Drone Valley. He gives a nice review of it. Also, just go to DJI Support online and download the user guide. I also use my mobil3 3 with my iPhone 8. As far as it fitting into the holder with your case, I think it will be fine as long as it isn't too think. Enjoy.
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BigA107...At least you'll be able to use the slow motion effect with the IPhone. Guess it doesn't work with android.
Thought I'd posted to this forum but must have been on the Mavic site. I can't find a way to pause video on the Osmo 3 and that bothers me. I also noticed there is a lag when you push the shutter/video button. On my S7 edge I have to remove the case to balance it. The trigger and sports mode is great. Here is a practice video I posted over on the Mavic site:

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As far as the case, it probably depends on the case thickness. With my Galaxy Note 10+ I have a SupCase over the phone. I have found that it's just thin enough for the holder to grab the case. It's not sitting fully in the grooves but seems to be just enough pressure to keep the phone in place.
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