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DJI After-sales Policy for Its Newly Released DJI Osmo Action


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Jun 10, 2019
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DJI announced its first ever action camera — Osmo Action, taking the fight to its Arch Rival Gopro. As a sports enthusiast and fan of both DJI drones and GoPro’s action cameras, seeing that the world leader in drones is now also taking over the top position in action cameras is really a cool thing to me!

Most people already know the history between DJI and GoPro as well as diverse people who were and are still involved with each company. For a short time, they were partners or put another way competitive allies who planned to work together to make drones with motion cameras. However, things didn’t shake out that way, as GoPro was intended to get more disproportion to take from this product. Thus DJI decided to uncouple themselves from GoPro after which GoPro decided to make its own drone, Karma — a drone that falls out of the sky before GoPro decided to recall it.

But it’s probably beneficial for DJI as since after the departure, DJI has been booming in its drone business, and now it’s also stepping into action cameras. It clearly an amazing comeback from DJI.

In previous years, most of us will recall that both DJI and GoPro had struggles with its customer service — this has always been the soft spot of both these two tech giants. But interestingly, over the years, it seems like DJI is stepping up the game, and has since made great progress in its customer support. DJI's potential customers usually hesitate before getting a DJI product as a result of its poor customer support. But now with more actions taken by DJI to improve its customer service, it’s clear that DJI is claiming its position in this industry as a market leader.

So what’s new about DJI’s after sales policy of its newly released Osmo Action? Except for its highlighted features such as Dual Screen, RockSteady feature, 8x Slow Motion… What else you need to know more about it? Let’s check it out.

Will Osmo Action get water damage?
It’s clear that DJI won’t repair water-damaged drones, but what about its Osmo Action?

DJI claims it is waterproof at depths of up to 11 meters, and up to 60 meters when you add the waterproof case. This is all thanks to its watertight seal and a hydrophobic coating on the back touchscreen.

It's however important to note that the product’s waterproof performance can still be affected by man-made damage and wear. In other words, if it got damaged by your wrong operation and installation, DJI warranty won’t cover for it. But if it’s a manufacturing fault, then it will still be covered by DJI warranty service policy and after repairs, the product’s waterproof performance should be recovered.

How long is the Osmo Action’s warranty period?
Most of DJI drones have different warranty coverage for different parts, but that’s not the case with Osmo Action.
The camera(including the battery)’s warranty period is 1 year. In Europe, the Osmo Action (including the battery)’s warranty period is two years. The warranty period for it starts on the day you receive it.

What is the care plan for DJI Osmo Action?
This time DJI is using DJI Care Refresh and DJI Care Refresh + as the value-added service plan for Osmo Action. You may be wondering that Osmo Action belongs to the Osmo series, why it’s using DJI Care Refresh instead of Osmo Shield as its extra warranty service plan. It’s probably because the DJI Care Refresh is more suitable for the usage scenarios of the Osmo Action, as replacement service is more flexible and hassle-free, as long as you send back the camera, DJI will offer replacement service with no questions asked. You can get get your replaced product even sooner with DJI Care Refresh +.

For USD $29, you can get two replacement units within 1 year for a small additional charge. The purchase requirement is also a bit different with other products:
· Brand new and unactivated
· Activated within 30 days
· Repaired in an official DJI Service Center (within 72 hours of receiving email invitation)

You can buy it through multiple channels like DJI Store, DJI Flagship Store, 3rd Party e-commerce platform and other local dealers.

The price and replacement fees are listed below for your reference:


Any accessories for Osmo Action worth buying?
Following the launch of this action camera, a bunch of accessories has also been announced. Though some are still unavailable right now, it’s likely most of them are coming immediately!!


Want to learn more about its features and comparing videos with GoPro 7? If yes, you can simply google DJI Osmo Action vs GoPro, you’ll be able to get a bunch of videos and review articles of them. And also take service plan for these two products into consideration, you’ll be able to choose which one will be the right choice!


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Thanks for spending your time to tell us all of this information!

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