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I’m okay with my Osmo Pocket, until the Pocket 2 came up!

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Oct 9, 2020
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As an amateur vlogger, the Osmo Pocket has been my favorite go-to gadget for my YT videos. It’s sleek and smooth and perfect in every way. But then, a couple of days ago the Pocket 2 was released and it’s then that I thought that my OP could be better. From the old 1/2.3 sensor to 1/1.7 and the drastic jump from 12MP to 64MP, my OP suddenly lagged behind the OP2. The video resolution I think is still the same at 4K but the Pocket 2 now has Hybrid AF 2.0 built into it, not to mention it even has a wider FOV. This gives me a wider coverage without loss of detail even if the subject (or me) is moving around. And I don’t even want to start with the audio! The Pocket 2 has 4 mics attached to it on all sides unlike the old one which I’m pretty sure doesn’t have a lot. Perhaps more importantly... IT CAN LIVESTREAM TO YOUTUBE!!! To make the long story short, I’m thinking about getting an upgrade to Pocket 2. Does it look like I need a lot of convincing? Haha


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