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Mud run suggestions


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Jun 21, 2019
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I'm doing a mud run (Warrior Dash) with one of my kids in a couple of weeks. One of the reasons I got the Action was in anticipation of this. Of course given that my waterproof housing I ordered ended up being a Panda bear squishy ball (?) I don't know if it is going to be possible.

My question for the group is does anybody have any suggestions on how to do this? I want to get pictures/video of my kid (14) doing this and am not worried about me being in any shots. I know what I look like. I have one of those 100 in 1 kits (designed for the GP, but they use the same mounts) and was thinking of either going handheld, wrist mount, using the yellow floaty tube (just easier to hold), chest, or head mounts.

I figured someone has done this before and looking for what people found worked for them.
I have done the Warrior Dash, but it was years ago, and I hadn’t entered the droning/photography hobby back then. That said, here is what I recall. It was very crowded on the course, and I think in order to get quality footage you will need the camera as high as possible. Also, you will want both of your hands and arms free to navigate certain parts of the course. So, I would say a forehead mount system would be the best. If you are not able to get the water proof case to work, you can just go around water and mud obstacles, and in reality, if I did that course again, I would stay out of the mud. I dealt with ‘soft skin’ irritation for weeks after. And the footage of your kid would be better if you were off to the side anyway IMO.
Unless the mud is deeper than the plain camera's limits, just go for it. But I'd have a spray bottle or some such to rinse the lens periodically.

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