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Swarms of Sand Dollars in the Salish Sea

Feb 27, 2020
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The floor of shallow inlets of the Sallish Sea play host to a spectacle of nature when Sand Dollars gather in their thousands. These odd creatures live as long as 13 years, and feed upon all manner of detritus, cleaning the water of the ocean on an impressive scale. They are a vital part of the aquatic ecosystem. I was shocked to find Sand Dollars in such vast numbers, absolutely coating the floor of this shallow bay.

I filmed the video mainly using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro for the aerial shots and the Osmo Action to capture underwater footage.

I've also posted a few still photos on my blog: A Swarm of Sand Dollars in the Salish Sea
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Nice work, again. I'd never seen live Sand Dollars before only their skeleton remains. At least they have not succumbed to the Starfish wasting disease.

Where is this bay? If I am ever allowed to leave Seattle maybe I'd visit.

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