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Tripod woes

The Fat Contoller

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May 29, 2019
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Anyone else find trying to attach an Osmo pocket to a tripod a complete pain? I've managed to do it a couple of ways, but not in any manner that could be described as convenient. It would be great if it could be done simply and easily in such a way that the camera could be operated remotely. Ideas welcome.
Unfortunately none of the bits and pieces that I've tried does what I want. Even DJI's own accessory mount blocks the side connector and prevents the use of the wireless add-on when it's attached. I can attach the camera to a tripod fairly easily but not in a way that let's me operate the camera remotely. A USB-C to USB-C connection from my phone (Samsung Galaxy A3) to the bottom port doesn't work. I'm hoping it's something DJI may come up with a fix for.
This reviewer had a video explaining an option he liked. This link is to HIM and perhaps not the video I watched on the attachments he used,.. you can search for it.
I use the PGYTECH phone adapter and just unscrew it from the handle and mount it onto the tripod
Polar Pro Grip system has a two-in-one system to include a tripod mount. Tho it does take some putzing to get the USB-C to be accessible
This accessory works great, and costs next to nothing!

I like how simple it is but I can't use the wifi adapter with it.

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