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OSMO Pocket Mods (lanyard & gimbal cover)


Jun 2, 2019
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g'day just sharing a couple of mods I have made to my Pocket for anyone who has felt similar frustrations:

No lanyard and the PGYTECH gimbal cover not being totally secure.

The Lanyard (photos attached):
I found using a simple belt strap purchased from a hobby shop, commonly used to secure batteries in RC devices ended up being a great solution. I have used the lanyard supplied with the OSMO Pocket and secured it to the buckle on the belt strap. Fits nice and secure, have used for a few weeks now and find holding the OSMO Pocket is much more comfortable & "secure".

PGYTECH Gimbal Cover - video link: New video by Ken Taylor (KangaAir)

While I like the design I have experienced the cover slipping off a few times :-(
I solved the problem by using a simple hair band, spliced and secured at opposite corners of the cover.
There is a cavity in the PGYTECH cover ideal for inserting the band ends which does not interfere with the gimbal.
  1. You will need to drill two 1.5mm holes in the cover and thread the band snuggly through the holes. Hole size depends on thickness of band you choose. Thicker style recommended.
  2. Some simple cotton thread, binding a small knot at either end of the band prevents the band from slipping out of the holes.
Hope it helps somebody.

Totally enjoying the OSMO Pocket form factor and image quality.


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