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Text Color Changed to Black?


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Jan 16, 2020
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San Antonio, TX
Hi everyone. Not sure where to post this question, as it relates to the Osmo Pocket Forum. It seems that recently something has changed and now anytime I post a new content or reply to a comment, the text I enter is in black (#000000). I have to manually change it to white (#FFFFFF) every time now. Since the Osmo Pocket forums come up on a gray or black screen (unlike the DJI Mavic forums, which has a white screen), it is difficult to see my text until I change its color.

Did I inadvertently change a setting on the forum, or is this a change that was recently implemented? I did recently update to Safari 14 on my Mac running Mojave, so any time I have problems, I start to question whether it is my browser or not.

Is there a default setting so that any text I write will be in White not Black?
I have the same problem here and I work with windows 10.
For two days now, I don't know what they did, but they changed something
OK. Seems to be fixed now. Without doing anything, the text is again white on a black background as I type this. I am on a Mac and for non-related reasons I did recently do a reboot. Now it is working. May be a co-incidence since I did not test it just before the reboot. I assume someone in charge of the Osmo Pilot forum fixed the issue. Thanks!!
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