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New firmware?


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May 27, 2019
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Someone on the DJI forum posted a picture of a new firmware. I did not find it on their site and opening DJI Memo did not provide it either.

But then again, I'm not sure how to do it over wifi since when I opened the app, it linked the phone/camera but then would not allow me to log-in since the wifi was no longer my internet but was the camera. Seems either my wifi or the camera wifi excluding the other. I don't recall how the bluetooth is involved in this process!!!

Well, now I was offered the firmware but nothing is happening. While I tried a few more times without success on one phone, when I changed to a different phone it finished the update.

But it lists:

Added hyperlapse
Added time settings for screen on/off
Added Thai/Arabic
Reduced live view latency

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I had the same problem as you, the firmware had downloaded to my phone but refused to install to the Osmo Action. The other issue was that DJI hadn't posted the update to the Action support page. Thanks to a gent called Charvel on the DJI forum I was able to get the firmware updated. Use a lead to connect your phone to your PC, copy the file across. Use the lead to connect the Osmo Action and copy the renamed file across. Make sure you follow step 2 or it will not work. I've had to use a PC to carry out both firmware updates, using wifi from the phone doesn't work for me.

Here's how it's done:

Quick instructions on how to update Osmo Action if the installation fails through DJI Mimo:

1. Copy the file downloaded by DJI Mimo - you will find it for Android in DJI/dji.mimo/firmware/AC101/ to SD card, to the root directory
2. Change the name of the firmware_ac101_01.06.00.20.bin to OSMO_ACTION_FW_V01.06.00.20.bin.
3. Insert the sd card into the camera, start it - the update should start on its own.
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