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I've seen some questions about the USB's protective door


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May 27, 2019
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It opens by kind of pressing in the button and then sliding the door downward and then it flips open. But it is also removable. It can be popped off so that you can charge the camera while it is in the frame. You can also use the camera without a battery by attaching a charger or battery bank.

Here's some picturesIMG_20190531_1400245.jpgIMG_20190531_1400557.jpgIMG_20190531_1401585.jpg
I got a different frame that has a larger access hole so you can charge without removing the door.
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You got this one:

I am trying to decide if I want to give up the standard "gopro" connector for the tripod hole. I know you can attach it but that means keeping track of it and its two screws (g)

I figured I might be able to dremel the original case's opening to allow the door to open.
Link does not appear to work.

I got it off ebay. If you search for Aluminum Frame Mount Standard Protector Housing Case Osmo Action you should find it. It is similar to the other one posted, but doesn't have the lens cover, it is truly just a shell.
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